Stratmoor, CO

If you want to explore the area around Stratmoor, Colorado, you can do a search for nearby cities. You’ll find that the closest major cities are located just over 58 miles away. You can also search for nearby towns to get a feel for what life is like there. You can also find out how close a city is to Stratmoor by locating the nearest airport.

Stratmoor is a mid-sized city located in central Colorado, near the Front Range. It is 65 miles south of Denver. Stratmoor’s climate is fairly mild throughout the year. The warmest months are August, July, and September. The coldest month is December. Stratmoor has a population of 6,000 people.

Stratmoor has a wetter season, which lasts about 4.2 months. During this period, there is a 20 percent chance that a given day will be rainy. The coldest month is December, with an average high of 22degF and a low temperature of 44degF.

Stratmoor has two main neighborhoods, Stratmoor Hills and Stratmoor Valley. There are currently 27 homes for sale in Stratmoor, ranging from $25K to $650K. There are also 19 homes for rent in the area, with rents ranging from $1.1K to $2.4K. There are a variety of listing types in Stratmoor, including foreclosures, recently-sold homes, and open houses. There are also new home communities in Stratmoor.

Stratmoor Hills is known for its high proportion of military residents. This neighborhood is home to more military personnel than any other neighborhood in the U.S. Stratmoor Hills is also home to a higher percentage of people with Belgian ancestry than any other neighborhood in the United States. However, there are many notable features of this neighborhood.

As a part of the Denver metro area, Stratmoor is close to Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City. Its school district is also one of the best in the area. Moreover, residents of this neighborhood are conveniently located to many local attractions, including Monument. If you are looking for a great place to call home, Stratmoor is a great place to look for a home.

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Most residents commute by private car. However, many residents also carpool with coworkers, friends, and neighbors. Owning a car can be useful if you need to get to work quickly. You can also take public transportation, if you are in a hurry. Moreover, Stratmoor residents have one of the lowest crime rates in the entire city of Denver.

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