Knob Hill, CO

Knob Hill is a neighborhood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is located northeast of the city’s downtown. The neighborhood is known for its beautiful architecture and historic homes. It is also home to many young families. Knob Hill has many businesses and has many events happening in and around it. For more information, visit the Knob Hill Colorado website.

There are dozens of local stores and restaurants on Knob Hill, as well as a grocery store and a movie theater. The neighborhood has a high density of business and is minutes away from downtown Colorado Springs. In addition to local businesses, there are restaurants and cafes. If you need a quick lunch, there are many options nearby.

While you’re at the Knob Hill Colorado neighborhood, consider checking out its unique art scene. The neighborhood isn’t always a hot spot for art lovers. However, there’s a nonprofit group working to turn the area into an arts district. This organization partners with local business owners to bring art to the neighborhood.

Knob Hill has a population of 6,139 people and occupies 2.11 square miles. The cost of living in this neighborhood is about 22% lower than the national average. Many people live in rented homes, with 54% of households renting. The population is made up of single, married people, and people with children. Ten percent of adults have a bachelor’s degree.

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Knob Hill is an older neighborhood with quaint bungalows on tree-lined streets. Homes for sale range from 700 square feet to three thousand square feet, with prices ranging from $195,000 to $350,000. The neighborhood also has a retail and commercial district. Located near downtown Colorado Springs, Knob Hill is also close to Bonnyville, Hastings, Patty Jewett, Prospect Lake, East Hills, and Shooks Run. You can walk to Colorado College from the neighborhood’s restaurants.

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