Glen Eyrie, CO

If you’re looking for a Colorado road trip, you’ll definitely want to stop by the beautiful castle in Glen Eyrie. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and is located in El Paso County. It was once the estate of the town’s founder and is now owned by Christian ministry group, The Navigators.

The castle is located near the Garden of the Gods rock formations and features an English Tudor-style mansion. It’s also a conference and event center. It’s built in 1871 by the city’s founder, General William Jackson Palmer, and was remodeled in 1881. It has a tower, 24 fireplaces, and 17 guest rooms.

Palmer was an early settler of the area, having purchased land here in the 1860s when he was surveying for the Kansas-Pacific Railroad. He was a fan of cutting-edge technology, and his estate was full of it. He and his wife inhabited the mansion infrequently during his lifetime, traveling for his work. His wife was a chronic heart patient, so the Palmer family was often away from the property. Eventually, the Palmers’ daughters moved to the estate, and the castle was rarely occupied.

Glen Eyrie is located at the mouth of a canyon, so it has a high risk of flooding. Several floods have swept through the city in the past, including major floods in 1947 and 1999. Then, in June 2012, a major forest fire, the Waldo Canyon Fire, threatened the town and its residents. It destroyed a lot of vegetation and left nearby hills susceptible to flooding. Despite these risks, Navigators have made improvements in the landscape to reduce the risk of flooding.

Whether you’re looking for a Colorado mountain retreat or a relaxing retreat, there’s something for everyone in Glen Eyrie. For missionaries, the Shelter Pines Ministry provides a serene atmosphere to reconnect with their families and spend time in prayer with Jesus. For families, there are several retreats in Glen Eyrie, including the popular Eagle Lake retreat.

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