For Show Productions Equipment

For Show Productions delivers creative solutions for live, hybrid, and virtual events. We have extensive options for everything you need. From audio/visual equipment to expendables, we can quickly implement cost-effective solutions. Here is a quick breakdown of what we have to offer for installation and dismantle equipment, AV rentals, and expendables:

Lifts and Jacks

  • Genie Lift
  • Scaffolding
  • J Bar
  • Wide Pallet Jack
  • Narrow Pallet Jack

Tape and Expendables

  • All tape varieties
  • Hand/Pallet shrink wrap
  • Banding and kit


  • HDMI
  • Power/Power strips
  • Cube taps
  • Various adapters


  • 4’ – 16’


  • Cameras
  • Screens
  • Projectors


  • 17” – 75” displays
  • Media Players   
  • Blue Ray players
  • Flash drives


  • Speakers
  • Microphones


  • LED Lightbars
  • LED Stem lights
  • LED mini Pars
  • LED Par cans
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